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Time to Start Blogging. Again.

A couple of weeks ago I was searching the Internet for a writers conference to attend. I haven't been to one in an embarrassing number of years, and now that my book is done, I felt it was time to get back into them. Since moving to California in August, I was looking for conferences in this area.

There was one in LA. That started the very next day. Sigh.

There was one in San Diego, but I really didn't want to go that far.

Then later that night after giving up on my Internet search, on the SLO Tribune's Facebook page I learned that the Central Coast Writers Conference was happening that weekend, right in my backyard! Serendipity!

I immediately registered. And while several of the panels and workshops covered a lot of the basics I already knew, it was the opportunities I had to meet face to face with other agents and get their feedback that was most valuable.

My biggest takeaway: Move on.

It was time to put All Because of Hannah on the back burner and start making progress on my second book. I'd been simmering ideas in my head for months, no - years, since I finished ABOH, but I haven't gotten a solid plot to work off of. Sure, I go to Kreuzberg Cafe a few times a week and just sit my butt down and write, but I don't have any real story to push me along.

So now I signed up for the Writers Digest Novel Writing Conference in LA at the end of the month, and I'm really excited to road trip down there and improve my craft.

Another thing I learned (which I already knew but was in denial) is that I needed to relaunch my website and start blogging. Again.

Ugh. Not sure what I'm going to blog about. Truth be told, I don't read a lot of blogs unless they have to do with personal growth or nutrition or writing. And my old blog on Blogspot ( was based mainly on my lifestyle. And as exciting as I think my lifestyle is, it's certainly not blog-worthy.

Anyway, here I go again with the blogging. Let's see how I do this time around. Stay tuned!

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